A Life Full of Lemons

“This world owes you nothing”, is a phrase that’s been thrown around so much in my life its become second nature. But in spite of this, there still are days you feel the universe is obligated to be kind, or at least play fair. One of these days turn out to be your birthday, right? WROOOONG! The world owes you nothing. Zit. Nada. No. Period! You will experience a Friday the 13th moment two days later, without apology. And here’s why…

Friday, 11th May 2018: I’m woken up by my phone ringing at 0812hrs. None other than my amazing girlfriend.

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Careless Resilience… 

Have you ever noticed how fortune sometimes seems to favour the ill-equipped? Of course not. I know this because you’ve been taught to believe that the saying goes ‘fortune favours the brave’. But if you think about it — not hard enough, of course — you’ll come to the realisation that there’s a paper-thin line between brave and outright stupid. Many have crossed that line. Few have returned…lol, I keed! Seriously though, I’m sure we all have that one childhood friend who seemed to have everything going for them. You know, the naughty

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Why Do I… (Need You So Much)

As night falls over the land, and blue skies blend into crisp oranges and deep purples…City lights aglow in the rear view mirror and nothing but the open road ahead of me, I wonder why I need you so much. No, really… I do. See, things would have been different (and much more explainable) if you were the sun, and, I a green plant – aching for your feel on mine own each new day. If you were a car headlight, and I the other…where we’d need to work in unison to make any headway into night visibility. But nay, you are just as vain as Continue reading

I Hope You Know

There used to be a time that I journalled. That wasn’t too long ago… It was earlier this year. at the start, to be precise. I promised myself I would, and so I did. Even went so far as to download an app for it. I recall doing this with so much fervour, so much commitment…knowing full well if it was a habit I had to cultivate, I had to at least get writing once a day. Then the inevitable happened. About 10 entries later, it proved to be a losing battle. Like so many goals, I found myself writing less and less. Tried to get back on that horse but 3 entries later, life happened Continue reading

Binge Sleeping

Here we are again… Wide awake. Smack! In the middle of the night. This situation has become all too familiar to me. Sleep late, wake up in the middle of the night…insomnia…morning…have a crap day…Repeat! One hour of sleep, too many; a thousand, not enough. Figured I might as well pass the time the best way I know how, or at least think I do. Poetry,  blogging, composing music, all a means to an end, but what end? Here’s the part where you start wondering what the title of this post has to do with anything being featured herein. This is me letting you know that it may -or may not- have any overbearing influence towards it, but still, you need a story. So a story I shall give. Continue reading

There Are Men

There are men out there who will respond to your text messages. Men who will initiate conversations because they simply can’t wait to see what you’ll say next. There are men who will never be too busy or too preoccupied to wish you good morning, regardless if you’re a country or a block away. Men who remember to call when they say they will – because they want to – and those who surprise you with their curiosity about your sometimes monotonous days. There are men who aim to be the last person you talk to before you sleep and the first name you see on your screen when you rise. Men who show up on time – or even early – men who are genuinely excited to see you.

There are men who want to go on dates. Real dates. Men who want to take you out to their favorite…

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Bright Nights & Dark Days

T’was the night before the weekend, and deep inside the domicile not a creature was stirring…a somewhat conveniently cold and humid night, with the lights on oh, so bright! No, not another Shakespearean knock-off, it’s just me, my laptop, and a hot flask of tea. Yeah, I sometimes stay awake this “late”. To say the least, it’s no more that much of a surprise these days taking into account what my life’s turned into the past few months. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been awesome! Still I can help but be amused each time I find myself pulling an all-nighter….again! Essentially, all-nighters are devoid of such luxuries [internet, cell access] all in a vague attempt to accomplish some blurry task which we’d procrastinated upon for way too long. Which begs the question as to why it is I’m online, much less blogging. And that is exactly what I….don’t know.

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Long Overdue

Sigh… So once again here we are. Stuck in the damp coldness, stifling darkness of what has, for the past two weeks, been a Friday night curse… A blackout to be more specific. Quite a vexation in this day and age if I must say, and the fact that it isn’t a town-wide affair is not in any way working towards alleviating the situation. Anyway, to the main point of this post then. Yes, it wasn’t to vent about my sleep-deprived, electricity-abjured state of mind. It was directed more towards taking one further step to completion of an overdue task – Actually starting to use my blog. Still don’t believe me? I see why that might be a problem.

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